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Free Gifts

Hi! I am pleased to bring you this good news.
For every purchase made, you are eligible to get a thank you gift as a token of our appreciation for your support.
The gifts will vary each month to avoid  returning customers getting the same gifts over and over again ^^ (that's no fun, right?)
Free gifts may or may not consists of anything related to the doll hobby such as doll props, miniatures, accessories, handmade goods, etc.
All gifts are subject to availability and requests are not allowed, unless otherwise stated.
If the free gift of the month have run out of stock before the month ends, it will be substitute with another gift or any existing available gifts from previous months.
Free gifts may be repeated after a long period of time.
Free gifts are limited to per customer, this is to prevent multiple single item ordering.
However, you will still get another free gift with new purchase after your previous order is shipped.
Every month there will be a new gift added. 
Customers who order in that month will automatically get the free gift of the month with their order.
Customers may ask for past month's free gift in replacement of the current free gift of the month (subject to availability),
please kindly let me know about which gift you prefer to receive. 
Thank you for your kind attention and support!
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