Our Story

Hello! Welcome to Koibito BJD clothes online shop for your gorgeous dolls! 
We specialized in bigger boys size such as Soom Idealian 72/75, Iplehouse EID / HID, and any other similar size measurements to these.
"KOIBITO" is derived from Japanese, it has many meaning including "beloved" / "loved one" / "boyfriend". All of which I can relate to my relationships with my dolls, they are my loved ones. So I feel this is the perfect name for my brand of BJD clothes shop.
It started when I began collecting BJDs , I've always loved the more mature masculine dolls. And I soon realized that these bigger boys don't really have a lot of choices when it comes to cloth options. Sure, there are a few established brands providing their sizes, but those are quite limited and very pricey.  So I keep searching for alternatives, but I mostly find the most common size that are easily available are for those SD17 or 70 cm equivalent size dolls, which just doesn't fit my boys. Well, of course there are also lots of talented people in the hobby who offered custom size commissions, and again I feel the price is more of a deterrent for me plus I have to wait months for it to be made and shipped to me.
I wanted to shop somewhere where they have a lot of variety offered like for the other doll sizes, in my boys size and with an affordable price tag. Also preferably ready stock so I don't have to wait 2-3 months long. So I finally made up my mind to start my own BJD clothes shop catering for these gorgeous resin hunks, I hope it will serve your bigger doll needs as well and that you have a pleasant shopping experience with me here. My main focus would obviously be for bigger boys. I may gradually add more sizes in the future, but that's undecided yet as I feel there are way too many already. 
I am always open for new ideas and suggestions to serve you better. So if you would like to see something  that is not offered, please feel free to get in touch with me. However, please bear in mind that doesn't mean I take personal requests / commissions. 
Thank you for reading and happy shopping!